Sunday, January 25, 2015


Between 2008-2013 WNPS documented short-lived bands worthy of replay.  Many of these tapes were never released to the public as members went on to other projects.  As these 4-track master tapes resurface, we will digitize + compile them here with downloadable links.  You can also listen via Youtube, with tracks listed.  

family treasure trove:
Firebrand (download here, see below for stream)
Nervous Juvenile
Heat Rash (download here, see below for stream)
Brothers (download here, see below for stream)
Relax Band

Here are some old WNPS cassette releases to chew on:
WNPS01: Skin Shit - Prom Teeth
WNPS02: Gas Explode - Shrivel, Squirt, Implode
WNPS05: Necro Hippies - Sore Throat
WNPS06: Fisher Cat - Apocalypse
WNPS07: Fisher Cat

A Sign              0:00
Mesmerized      1:26
Mysteries          3:46
Plastic Baby      5:30
Way We Were    7:43

Pretty Little Houses   0:00
Watering Hole           1:55
Gotta Fight the Funk  3:45
Poison Ivy                5:45
Garden                     7:10
Dreamy                    9:45
Surf Trip                 12:35
Balancing Act         14:30
Darkened Alleyways (live) 16:20
Poison Ivy (live)     19:55

... on the hunt for song titles
 Interlude     6:05

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WNPS09: pitcher of beer: the beer experience: are you experienced? C37

"First contribution from the "east coast" "chapter" of WNPS. Pitcher of Beer is already-been-drinking music, fuzzy cinder block rock and haggard vocal confrontations on such topics as haircuts, dark thoughts, and thinking. 12 tracks in eighteen minutes. Side B, The Beer Experience, is chopped down & condensed document of a show from September '09 at America, Baltimore's best shittiest place. Thought-blocking/tongue-schlocking sets from Nothingberry Plasma, AGhost, and Hog Song, with plenty of soundbites of kids talking about their balls and trying to bum cigs and whatever." $2, $4 ppd.

(also check out the evil spirits/nothingberry plasma nayshun-wyde toor going down:

WNPS08: Breakfast #1

"keywords: white flight, extreme sports, western canon, rust belt, white guilt, superdome, seven eleven, liberal arts, sandbox, gaga wonderment, coming-of-age, gimme the loot, the idle rich, rope swing, i'm not looking for a new england, heart of darkness, things fall apart, intercourse (book), shotgun house, public housing, low barriers to entry, strong preference for urban environment, afro-caribbean paris, disaster opportunists" $2, $3 ppd.

WNPS07: fisher cat "urban renewal"

"More brainrotting speed and ill-calculated changeups from temporarily-hiatused crusaders. Thematically revolving around and between an acid-n-gators-in-the-park and trash-scored sweets dichotomy. Curing all of the old diseases while conjuring new ones focused on literary consciousness." 2$, 4$ ppd.

Touring southeast states in winter, check back for updates.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


working on finishing up first edition of c60 four-way split series. Gonna be made up of C-Section 8 [NOLA ... trd w/d, Flak Mask, etc], Ski Shell [NOLA/Baltimore ... Skin Shit, 30 dollar bag, Fisher Cat, Mef Teef], Hog Song [Baltimore], and Secret Boyfriend [Carrboro NC ... Boyzone, etc].

Candice, Asher, Perry, and Grainne, a.k.a. Forest [NOLA crusty grind, members of Necro Hippies, Fisher Cat, Warm] is [are?] recording right now as i type, tape should hopefully also be finished soon to bring along on the Fisher Cat tour.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Tours

will be touring this summer, midwest and east coast. Those foolhearty hardthrobs just finnished up a new tape [s/t, WNPS07] for the tour. Thanks to the recent appearance of the 21st century you may now listen to Dumpster Diabetes and Jerry In the Moonlight from that cassette.

Dates so far, any help greatly appreciated:

June 5 - New Orleans - Nowe Miasto w/Cave, Quintron + Miss Pussycat, C-Section 8
June 27 - Chicago @ The Hills Have Thighs Tour kickoff show for Dave's film "When You Get to Heaven"
June 28 - Detroit - Trumbullplex *CANCELED TRUCK PROBLEMS*
June 29 - Buffalo, NY - the Birdhouse *CANCELED TRUCK PROBLEMS*
June 30 - Ithaca, NY - Goblin Haus Abattoir show space w/ "When You Get to Heaven", Buoyant Sea, Red Vs. Black
July 1 - Chatham, NY - house show w/ Red vs. Black
July 2 - Sheffield, MA - Down Town Social Club speakeasy with Bella's Bartok
July 3 - Northfield, VT - generator show at Scraggle Rock w/ NRA Fannypack, OFC, more
July 7 - NYC -
The House of Yes - w/ Buoyant Sea, "When You Get To Heaven"
July 9 - Providence, RI - the Sweatshop w/ Submarine Spaceship, Spooktober
July 10 - Pittsfield, MA -
Rebel Sound Records w/ 4 other bands
July 13 - New Brunswick, NJ - Meat Town USA w/ Evan Randall, others
July 16 - Northampton, MA - Dynamite Records w/ Evan Randall

July 17 - New Brunswick, NJ - Ronald McDonald Houseparty House [13 Woodbridge St.], w/ Human Adult Band, Master Control Program, more
July 18 - NYC -
roving Bushwick block party, who knows where we will be.
July 20 - Philly - Party Steve's house/the Big Pink House
July 23 - New Brunswick, NJ - Meat Town USA w/ a bunch of doom
July 24 - Baltimore - The Comfort Dome
July 26 - DC - The Lighthouse all day BBQ w/ Night Owl, Trtl Soup, Space Tigers, Matta Gawwa, Tusk Lord, Hunted Creatures
July 29 - Richmond, VA
July 31 - Carrboro, NC - Hillsborough Rd CoOp House [#621] w/ Ga'an
Aug 1 - Charlotte, NC
Aug 2 - Asheville, NC

Aug 3 - Athens, GA

Stay tuned for Necro Hippies summer dates out there in the west coastal directions.

Monday, February 9, 2009

WNPS06: fisher cat "apocalypse"

"This is not a horror movie. This film does not compare well with horror movies. This is an action movie with zombies. It compares very well with other action movies. The bullets start flying and the zombies start chomping immediately. The script is hardly award winning. The actors are capable enough, and even if you find them stiff and generic, it's okay - most of them don't survive very long. Like warping into the thickest of the thick, a superheightened fray, Triangle Boyz vs. Midnight Crew clubbing you from sides you didn't even know you had." Listen to Dinosaur Apocalypse. 2$, 4$ppd

WNPS05: necro hippies "sore throat"

"Mad/rad/ad-ept krewe blowing snotrockets through the mires of Bourbon Street's deepest drains. Short, sweet, hard to beat. Keep peeling your eyes in anticipation of future vinyl release on Raw Sugar Records." 2$, 4$ ppd. BACK IN STOCK, NEW PACKAGING

Sunday, February 8, 2009

WNPS04: fernys debriss "violet"/colouring "roygbiv"

"Fernys hands off a mouthful of St Bernard front stoop sunset laze while Chicity's Colouring compiles a few cave paintings and other remnants of a scrambled yesteryear." 2$, 4$ ppd TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK